Camper FAQs

How long are the sessions?
How much does it cost to attend camp?
How are you able to offer a full week for only $110 when most camps are much more expensive?
Where do I drop off my child?
What should I bring to camp?
Is there a dress code for campers?
Can I bring a cell phone to camp?
How can I contact my child during camp?
May I visit my child during camp?
What if my child gets sick or hurt during camp?
Will it rain during camp?
The camp is coed; how much interaction do boys and girls have with each other?
What are the bathroom facilities at camp like?
What are the cabins like?
What happens each day?
What can be purchased at Canteen?
Ponderosa is a Christian camp. What do you teach at camp?
Can campers from churches other than Church of Christ attend?
May I be in a cabin with my friends?
Can I wash my clothes at camp?
May I listen to my music if I bring headphones?
Is the age range for each session absolute?
What recreational activities do you provide?