Camp FAQs

How many people can stay at camp?
The camp can hold about 140 campers and about 60 staff.
Where is camp located?
Ponderosa Christian Camp is located in the Santa Fe National forest, a few miles north of Ponderosa, NM. A map with directions to camp can be found on this website.
Who runs the camp?
Ponderosa Christian Camp is run by a board of directors consisting of men from the Churches of Christ in the Albuquerque area. The directors are not paid and instead volunteer their time and expertise to direct sessions and maintain the facilities. A list of current board members can be found on this website.
Who maintains the facilities?
Volunteers from the board of directors, local churches, student centers, friends and family gather each spring to add capabilities and maintain the existing facilities.
Are pets allowed at camp?
Pets are not allowed during the four camp sessions for safety reasons. Dogs are allowed during work times if on leash. Pets may be allowed to church retreats. Please check with retreat organizers.
Do cell phones work at camp?
Because of the camp’s remote location, cell phone reception is unreliable and depends on your carrier. Do not expect your cell phone to work at camp. There is a land line at camp for emergencies.
Are there RV hookups?
Yes, there are 3 sets of standard RV hookups (electrical and water) that can be used upon request. There is also a waste dump. Please contact the director or retreat coordinator to reserve a spot.
Are 4-wheelers allowed at camp?
Yes, 4-wheelers/ATVs are allowed at camp but only during retreat functions. Please coordinate with your retreat director to ensure compliance with all of their policies.
Are bicycles allowed at camp?
Yes, but not at camp sessions.
Is the camp available for rental?
No, we do not rent the camp facilities. Camp is used for the 4 regular sessions and for retreats for Albuquerque-area Churches of Christ.
Can I reserve the camp for my Church’s retreat?
Because of limited availability, we have decided to limit church retreats to Churches of Christ.
How can I help Ponderosa Christian Camp?

There are many opportunities to help Ponderosa Christian Camp:

  1. Pray for us:
    1. Please pray that we make good decisions for camp and that we are able to continue to provide a quality venue for Christian-based summer camps and church retreats.
    2. Please pray for all of the volunteers and campers that use the camp every year that they will be brought closer to God because of the camp experience.
  2. Donate time:
    1. As a staff for a session
    2. During work days
  3. Donate money:
    1. PayPal donations are available on the website
    2. Send a check.
    3. You may also make a donation through your Last Will and Testament.
  4. Donate goods or services:
    1. There is always a need for specialized services at camp as we continually maintain and improve our facilities. If you have a specialized talent or business, please contact us to see how you can contribute your services.
    2. We often need specialized materials for our projects. Needs may include professional restaurant supplies, building materials, road building supplies and recreational equipment. Please let us know if you would like to donate any goods for camp.
What is the history of Ponderosa Christian Camp?
The camp was originally a Girl Scout Camp and is called “Girl Scout Camp” or “Christian Life Camp” some maps. In 1986, members of the Churches of Christ, who owned a camp in the Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque, bought the property and renamed it “Ponderosa Christian Camp”. Since it was purchased, many buildings have been upgraded and built to make it what it is today.
Was the camp affected by any of the forest fires recently?
Because of the recent drought, several forest fires were located near camp. None of these fires have directly threatened camp other than by smoke.
What kind of facilities do you have?
We have enclosed cabins with lights and bunk beds separated into three areas: boys area, girls area and staff hill. Each of these areas also contain a modern bath house that includes sinks, electrical outlets, toilets and showers with running hot and cold water. The historical mess hall is located adjacent to a modern, state-inspected kitchen. Large assemblies are held in the outdoor pavilion that boasts a stage, lighting and a canteen. Recreational facilities include: sand volleyball court, paved basketball court, softball/kickball field and hiking trails. We have dedicated buildings for specific uses such as: laundry, nurse, camp director and maintenance shop.  See our facilities webpage for some pictures.