Camper FAQs

How long are the sessions?
All sessions begin on Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm and end the following Saturday at 10:00am except the Elementary School Session, which begins on Tuesday afternoon at 2:00pm.
How much does it cost to attend camp?
Elementary School Session is $110, and all other Sessions are $130. The registration fee does not include canteen or logo merchandise.  
How are you able to offer a full week for only $130 when most camps are much more expensive?
Our goal is to provide a high quality camp at a reasonable cost. We receive donations from Churches of Christ in the Albuquerque area specifically to offset expenses and keep the cost of camp as low as possible. Additionally, all staff and board of directors are volunteers.
Where do I drop off my child?
Camper check-in will either be in the pavilion or mess hall. Follow signs at camp once you arrive. Registration is from 2 PM to 6 PM the day you drop off your child.
What should I bring to camp?
A complete list of supplies can be found on the “What to Bring” page on this website.
Is there a dress code for campers?
To maintain a Christian atmosphere at camp, we require campers to wear appropriate clothing. The requirements include: Shorts must be long enough to touch with the finger of an extended arm, no bare midriffs, see-through clothing, tank tops and no offensive language on clothing. This list is not exhaustive so please use common sense when packing.
Can I bring a cell phone to camp?
Cell phones are not allowed for campers. If a camper needs to call someone, they can ask permission to use the phone in the camp office.
How can I contact my child during camp?
The camp has a land line that you can call to get a message to your child. The number is: 575-834-7640. Please reserve calls for emergencies.
May I visit my child during camp?
Parents may want to attend Friday night’s evening program, where skits, awards and the slideshow for that session are presented. Please consult with the session director if you plan to come.
What if my child gets sick or hurt during camp?
Each session has a qualified nurse on duty to assist campers with any medical need. Our nurses are often pediatricians or EMTs. The medical release that you sign for your child assists our nurse in providing the best medical care.
Will it rain during camp?
The camp is located in the mountains and camp sessions are held during our typical “monsoon” season, so afternoon thunderstorms are likely. Please bring a raincoat or umbrella.
The camp is coed; how much interaction do boys and girls have with each other?
The camp is divided by a main road; that road separates the boy’s and girl’s cabins and bathrooms; opposite genders are restricted from crossing the road unsupervised. The children are together for all other activities such as recreation, meals, worship, etc.
What are the bathroom facilities at camp like?
Both the boys and girls side of camp has a modern bath house that includes sinks, electrical outlets, toilets and showers with running hot and cold water.
What are the cabins like?
Camper cabins are enclosed and contain bunk beds, clothes hanging rods, electric lights and outlets. Each cabin holds 10-20 campers and their counselors. There are 4 cabins in both the boys and girl’s areas.
What happens each day?
Each session is different as it is tailored for the age group attending that session. But, a typical day will include: Calisthenics, 3 full meals, bible classes, recreation, devotionals, Canteen and free time.
What can be purchased at Canteen?
Typical items at canteen include: Sodas, Gatorade, Water, Slushies, pickles, popcorn and various candies.
Ponderosa is a Christian camp. What do you teach at camp?
Directors and staff attend Churches of Christ in and around the Albuquerque area. We teach protestant Christianity based on the New Testament example. We believe that Christians: hear, believe, repent, confess, are baptized and lead lives obedient to God’s Word.
Can campers from churches other than Church of Christ attend?
Absolutely! We welcome all faiths at Ponderosa. For example, we have had campers who were Protestants of many different denominations, Catholics and Jews attend in the past.
May I be in a cabin with my friends?
We attempt to keep friends together as much as possible. On the application, please note who you would like to be in a cabin with. We will try to honor those requests.
Can I wash my clothes at camp?
Please bring enough clothes to last the week without washing. Laundry is available for emergencies only.
May I listen to my music if I bring headphones?
No. While at camp, you are encouraged to spend time with other campers and to participate in all activities. We believe that you will not be able to experience camp to its fullest if you are plugged in. You can be without your music for 1 week!
Is the age range for each session absolute?
We attempt to keep the age range for each session consistent so that we can provide activities and classes that are age appropriate and so that campers feel at home with their peers. We understand that schedules sometime do not allow campers to attend the session that fits their age. On a case by case basis, directors have the discretion to allow campers outside the session’s age range.
What recreational activities do you provide?
Activities at each session will vary, but might include: board games, ping pong, volleyball, basketball, softball, kickball, horseshoes, hikes, octoball and human foosball.