Jerry Palmer

Jerry and Anita Palmer

Jerry Palmer was born in Rochester, MN, in the Summer of 1969 and reborn into Christ in the cold waters of Lake Waconda, KS, in the Spring of 1981. Around 1985 in Russell, KS, he learned at morning worship that he had been chosen by the vacationing minister to fill the evening pulpit. Though visibly startled enough for the song leader who had made the aforementioned revelation to take notice and offer to appoint a different and older sacrifice, he took up the challenge and repeated another man’s work from an old cassette tape. Though it was rough, the long-suffering Brethren encouraged him anyway.

Jerry graduated from Russell High School in 1987 and attended Fort Hays State University the following year where the dear Brethren of Hays, KS, encouraged him greatly in the midst of  opposing influences. The result was a transfer to Abilene Christian University where Jerry studied Bible and Ministry until 1991.  That summer he spent working with the Brethren at the Ulysses church of Christ and his studies adjusted somewhat to include the dearest and fairest, Anita Ray. Anita had been raised, baptized, and taught to deeply love the Lord and teach his glory in Ulysses and had since studied Education at Lubbock Christian University.

1992 brought the joy of their matrimony, and their final year of undergraduate education at LCU.  In the 26 years since, they have continued to serve the Lord and his church wherever they lived. Jerry preached full-time for churches of Christ in Wink, TX, Fort Sumner, NM, Walsenburg and Alamosa, CO, and Hays, KS, from 1995 until 2006 and part-time in Satanta, KS, ever since. He currently works as Engineer and Conductor at the Garden City Western Railway during the week.
Anita is a teacher by calling. Apart from a 10-year break to bear and nurture their three sons, Anita has been a Public School teacher, recently earning her Master’s Degree in Education as well. But without pause, she has been a gifted Bible Class teacher and Leader who takes joy and satisfaction in making sure Vacation Bible School and Leadership Training for Christ programs in Garden City are both Biblically sound and interesting.

Holcomb, KS, has been their home since 2008 and, they pray, will remain so at least until they retire from their secular vocations or go to be with the Lord. Or both.