Staff FAQs

How much are staff paid?
All positions at Ponderosa Christian Camp are volunteer. Staff are provided free room and board for the week and are given a t-shirt.
Can I bring my non-camper children to camp with me?
Yes, but please be conscientious of your responsibilities as a staff. If you cannot perform your duties with your child there, please do not bring them. The exception is when sessions have provided childcare for staff children. Please contact the session director before you bringing your non-camper children with you and note them in the application for staff.
Is there a dress code for staff?
To maintain a Christian atmosphere at camp, we require staff to wear appropriate clothing. The requirements include: Shorts must be long enough to touch with the finger of an extended arm, no bare midriffs, no tank tops and no offensive language on clothing.
May I bring my pet with me to camp?
We do not allow pets at camp during the sessions.
Are cell phones allowed at camp?
Yes, staff may have cell phones on a session-by-session basis. When allowed, staff may bring cell phones, but are not allowed to use them in the cabins or in front of campers.
What must I do to be staff?
Staff must fill out the staff application (online is preferred) before they can work at camp. First time staff must also give at least 2 references that the session director will contact.
How old do I have to be to be staff?
Staff age varies with session and with position. In general, kitchen staff must be older than that session’s campers, counselors must be at least 16 years old minimum or 2 years older than the oldest campers and bible class teachers are adults. A limited number of younger junior counselors may be permitted at the discretion of the session director.  Please consult with the director for the specifics of that session.